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I would like you to give me a bid on my project, what should I do?

Give us a call! We love any and all new opportunities.

I want to have a septic system installed but I am confused about obtaining a permit. Can you help?

We would love to help. With over 25 years experience installing septic systems we know the ups and downs of obtaining permits and working with engineers if required.

Will I need to clean up a mess when the project is finished?

Never. We take a great amount of pride in how we treat our customers. Our guys will always leave your work site clean and free of dangerous debris

I have a water line leak but I am not sure where it is at. Can you help?

Give us a call. We have many techniques to easily locate leaks in your water line.

I am worried about safety during my project, What steps do you take to ensure everyones safety?

We will never do anything that will put an employee or a customer in harms way. Any time we are faced with a dangerous situation we are sure to proceed only after the best plan has been evaluated. 

How do you locate a break in a sewer line?

Locating a break in a sewer line is easily done using one of our sewer cameras. We simply slide our camera through the sewer pipe from one of many possible access points until we locate the issue. 

I need road base for my driveway. How do I calculate the amount needed?

Measure the length of your driveway and the average width. Decide on your desired compacted thickness and use the equation: L x W x H. Be sure to multiply your result by 1.5 to factor in compaction. The answer you receive will be in cubic feet.

Why is excavation so expensive?

Probably our most common question, the answer is simple: Iron and Diesel. With equipment costs at record highs and the price of fuel right there with it, excavation contractors have to charge a higher than desired price to work for our customers.

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