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Taking care of your septic

Tank Pumping

The number one killer of septic systems is the development of a bio-mat. A bio-mat is created when the grease and other solids make it to the septic field. This happens when a septic tank is neglected and not pumped regularly every 2-3 years.

Livestock/ Vehicles

Septic fields work properly when the effluent is subject to both saturation and evaporation. The saturation occurs underground while the evaporation occurs at the surface. Therefore it is important that the dirt placed on top of the field doesn't get compacted tightly by livestock and vehicle traffic. A small fence or barricade around the field footprint is a good way to keep your field safe

Water use

While every septic field has a life span, watching the amount of water you run through  it can go a long way in increasing its lifetime. Regularly check for leaking faucets and toilets in your house.

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