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What is a Septic System?

Septic Systems are an alternate to the conventional sewer system often offered inside city limits. There are two basic parts to each system.

Tank/ Vault

Typically made of concrete, this is the first stop after leaving your house. Tanks typically have two "compartments" separated by a wall in the middle. As the tank is filled up with waste the solids settle to the bottom of the first compartment while the liquids separate to the second compartment. Once filled up, the liquids (effluent) move through the exit pipe towards the "field"

Field/ Bed

The final piece to a septic system, the field comes in many sizes and styles. Typically a system of chambers that create a tunnel underground for the effluent to disperse and soak into the dirt is used. Often times the field will be located 2-4 feet deep below the surface.

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